Tuesday, May 02, 2006

3 for 3.

Another pretty great weekend. I got to see my nieces, my sister, my grandparents, a few cousins, and a couple of aunts.
The bonus was that I got to see him.

I can't wait for this weekend. I will only go out Friday night for Sinko de Mayo (I like MMJ's story) and I will do NADA for the rest of the weekend. Nothing that requires me to spend money, that is.

Also. The shoes in my last entry were, in fact, horrendous. The colors are TOTALLY off on the website. I will take a picture of them so you can see how awful they REALLY are. They are going back, pronto like.


MMJ said...

Thank God!

NicoleC said...

Oh bite me.
And that's your only comment about the contents of this entry??!

BIZKIT said...

At least wear the shoes out on Cinco De Mayo. It has that Boardertown Mexican Look to it haha. Just kidding. Have fun TTYL

NicoleC said...

They actually look like Christmas trees. On my feet.

BIZKIT said...

I wasnt going to say it but I told you so lol No one ever listens to BIZ!

MMJ said...

Oh yeah... my Sinko De Mayo story is the best. Forgot that part!

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