Monday, April 24, 2006

How cute are these???

I had seen a pair of plaid Chucks that I wanted, but now they aren't available. Today I found these, and they should be on my doorstep by Thursday. YAY!!!

Two in a row...

Another pretty great weekend. Friday I took off for College Station to hang out with this crazy girl who I love to death and take in a Ryan Turner/Eli Young Band show. I accomplished her goal of getting trashed, and so did she. Apparently, people have a hard time determing whether or not I am drunk. Here's your most obvious clue, if I ask you, or anyone around you, for a drag off your cig, I am drunk and tell me no. There you have it.
Only got about 4 hours of sleep and got on the road around 9 or so. I decided to take backroads, and just slowly work my way home. I enjoy doing that from time to time, so I opened the sun roof (I was in mi madre's Trooper, not the Jeep) and wound my way home. Stopped by a place called "Rustic Ranch" and got the big star I've been wanting for my patio. Finally got home around 1 and showered then took a nap. Woke up later than I should have, but I couldn't have cared less, I WAS TIRED! Headed to the boss' house for the last crawfish boil/party at the Bayhouse. Crawfish were mmmm mmmm good! Hung around for a while then headed to the Firehouse for Ryan Turner. Great show, of course! Oh, apparently the dancers from Rick's Cabaret had the night off and decided to hit up the Firehouse. Ugh. .
Sunday I slept in, cleaned house, did some laundry, a couple of Sudoku puzzles, took a nap, and finished decorating my patio. That was pretty much it. This weekend I have to go to Lake Charles for my niece's first communion. I am probably the most anti-Catholic person you will ever meet (no offense to you if you are Catholic) so this is going to be a test. Wish me luck.

Monday, April 17, 2006

12 hours. Straight.

That's how long I slept last night. I was lounging on the couch reading my book, then decided I would be more comfortable in my bed. Big mistake. I think I was asleep within 10 minutes. That was sometime around 6:30. I did wake up a couple of times thinking, "Damn, I'm missing Desperate Housewives". It obviously didn't bother me much because I just rolled over and went back to sleep. I am sure the fact that I spent the afternoon sailing and getting a little too much sun didn't help the fact that all I want to do lately is sleep...

It really was a great weekend, though. Saturday I got up and Gary and I headed to Galveston to meet mom and Laird on her boat in Offats Bayou. The ride to her boat on the dingy was interesting. It was really windy and we were drifting all over the place so after moving 3 times and resetting the anchor a few more times we just decided to head back to Clear Lake. It was a pretty nice trip, until we started heading into Kemah. It was really windy and rough and we were getting rocked all over the place. As soon as we made it to the slip Gary brought me back down to Galveston to pick up the Jeep. Then it was back to the boat for steak. Yum.
Yesterday we decided to take Laird's sailboat out for a couple of hours. Those couple of hours went by way too fast. And we had to head in pretty early so we could go to Jesse and Diane's for Easter lasagna. Not your typical Easter dinner, but it was delicious!

So, that was my weekend. Full of on the water time, and QT with mom.

Friday, April 14, 2006


I had my first Lupron injection on Monday, April 3. So far I think I have had 3 hot flashes, more headaches than I can count, a little nausea, I am tired as all get out every single day, and the strangest thing is the pain in my shins. When I first felt that I freaked out more than a little and was convinced I had Osteosarcoma or something. Then I read the side effects literature, again, and saw that bone/joint pain and generalized pain are also side effects. I think I was so consumed with the hot flashes, acne and weight gain that I didn't really even consider the others.
I am seriously so damn tired I could go to sleep at 7 each evening and probably sleep until 7 the next morning. I haven't done that, yet, but I just might do it tonight. Part of me wants to go out and do something, but the tired, ass-dragging part of me wants to go home, hang my curtains in my bedroom, and hide in my cavernous bedroom with the A/C on 68 (I haven't been using it very much for fear of that $200 electric bill that I haven't had to pay in 2 and a half years).
Well. I'm out. See you suckers next week.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Mopey, Pissy, Pity Party

These are just some of the words that people have used to describe me lately. Well, not lately, but before the surgery, before I took my LOA from going out. I tried to just let it roll off my back at first, but now I realize just how much it hurts.

Mopey-I suppose maybe I was mopey. But if you were living with a chronic disease that causes you pain and discomfort, every single day, in one way or another you would be mopey, too. I know I don't have cancer, I know that what I have isn't going to kill me, but I don't need people to tell me how much worse it could be. For me, it's bad, it sucks. And if you don't know what it's like, you have absolutely no right to tell me how I should accept it, act, etc.

Pissy-Just because I don't have a smile plastered on my face does not mean that I am pissy. And for that to be the first thing someone says when they see me? WTH? If I see someone looking maybe not-so-happy, I sure as hell wouldn't approach them like that. I am pretty sure I would ask if everything was okay, if there was anything I could do if everything WASN'T okay. But I guess that's just me.

Pity Party-Aren't we all entightled to one every now and then? It's amazed me lately how unEMPATHETIC people can be. Again, if I thought that someone was throwing themselves a pity party, I wouldn't put them down for it. Again, I would ask if there was anything I could do to help, whether it be just to listen, or just to wipe the tears from their eyes.

The next few months have the potential to be less than enjoyable. I started the Lupron Depot injections Monday. No turning back now.

I am sure some of you are sick of hearing about endometriosis, but it is a huge part of my life, it affects me EVERY SINGLE day. So if you don't want to hear about it, you should probably stay away from this blog...