Friday, April 14, 2006


I had my first Lupron injection on Monday, April 3. So far I think I have had 3 hot flashes, more headaches than I can count, a little nausea, I am tired as all get out every single day, and the strangest thing is the pain in my shins. When I first felt that I freaked out more than a little and was convinced I had Osteosarcoma or something. Then I read the side effects literature, again, and saw that bone/joint pain and generalized pain are also side effects. I think I was so consumed with the hot flashes, acne and weight gain that I didn't really even consider the others.
I am seriously so damn tired I could go to sleep at 7 each evening and probably sleep until 7 the next morning. I haven't done that, yet, but I just might do it tonight. Part of me wants to go out and do something, but the tired, ass-dragging part of me wants to go home, hang my curtains in my bedroom, and hide in my cavernous bedroom with the A/C on 68 (I haven't been using it very much for fear of that $200 electric bill that I haven't had to pay in 2 and a half years).
Well. I'm out. See you suckers next week.


Steph said...

i really want you to go hide in your bedroom AFTER you come out and play at the Palace tonight!

i don't think i did very much persuading over the phone. hmpf.

J. said...

I'm a fellow endo sister.

I'm so sorry you've been going through this. Endo isn't easy; it's probably one of the worst diseases we can have. Then to have the hormone fluctuations, whether drug induced or just because of the endo, makes it even worse. Makes us feel like we're losing our minds.

My heart goes out to you. I had my surgery 2/5/04. You've had two surgeries in less than a year.

I write several blogs, one of which is endo specific. Without that and the support group, I likely wouldn't be here today.

Mostly, I just wanted to offer you some kindness in the midst of your storm.

J. said...

By support group I mean friends and family. I'm a member of the endo association but far too introverted to attend a meeting. :)

Thomas said...

I live in Seattle now but I am down in Houston watching over my dad who had a recent medical incident.