Monday, April 24, 2006

Two in a row...

Another pretty great weekend. Friday I took off for College Station to hang out with this crazy girl who I love to death and take in a Ryan Turner/Eli Young Band show. I accomplished her goal of getting trashed, and so did she. Apparently, people have a hard time determing whether or not I am drunk. Here's your most obvious clue, if I ask you, or anyone around you, for a drag off your cig, I am drunk and tell me no. There you have it.
Only got about 4 hours of sleep and got on the road around 9 or so. I decided to take backroads, and just slowly work my way home. I enjoy doing that from time to time, so I opened the sun roof (I was in mi madre's Trooper, not the Jeep) and wound my way home. Stopped by a place called "Rustic Ranch" and got the big star I've been wanting for my patio. Finally got home around 1 and showered then took a nap. Woke up later than I should have, but I couldn't have cared less, I WAS TIRED! Headed to the boss' house for the last crawfish boil/party at the Bayhouse. Crawfish were mmmm mmmm good! Hung around for a while then headed to the Firehouse for Ryan Turner. Great show, of course! Oh, apparently the dancers from Rick's Cabaret had the night off and decided to hit up the Firehouse. Ugh. .
Sunday I slept in, cleaned house, did some laundry, a couple of Sudoku puzzles, took a nap, and finished decorating my patio. That was pretty much it. This weekend I have to go to Lake Charles for my niece's first communion. I am probably the most anti-Catholic person you will ever meet (no offense to you if you are Catholic) so this is going to be a test. Wish me luck.

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Lainey said...

Glad you didn't let your worry get you down on Friday. Hope your fun weekends just keep on going!! ;)