Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Right now, I just don't care.

About anything, really.

Because what's the point?


Heather said...

More people care.... some of us just aren't close enough to know what is going on day to day.

((((BIG HUG))))

Steph said...

what did you edit honey child...let it out.

love you!

ready for a girls soon as i'm up for it and b4 I leave :-)

The Doctor Princess said...

We should have cocktails.

Because I care lots about you, but I'm not very happy with people who make their chaos my problem today.

Angie said...

because you are down or because it's just not worth the hassle? Grab life lady friend. You and I both have learned it the very hardest way.

I changed my attitude toward my recent work situations and as long as I keep in mind that I don't give a flying flip, the day goes so much faster and I don't pay attention to everyone else's mood swings and BS. You can do it too.

Give it a try. Smiling at everyone and agreeing really makes them wonder! Take the week off and head to Birmingham with us!!!

You can't tell me 12 hours in a car with kids songs, bible songs, Evelyn singing, Paul making animal noises left and right and cheese crackers all over the car doesn't sound like a good time???

Anonymous said...

i'm not sure what all this is about...but i hope it get's better for you.

as i start a new school year, with LOTS of changes ahead of me, my motto is to smile, nod, and just keep my mouth shut. SO not like me, but i think that's the only way i'll survive.

Layla said...

Well, you've got me puzzled too. Turn that frown upside down- there's bound to be a silver lining in there somewhere!

If you want to let it all out, I am here to listen.

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