Saturday, September 10, 2005


Well, Nick and I have been texting a little lately. Just shoots it home how much I miss him. I mean, I knew I missed him, but when I am not talking to him I can put it in the back of my mind. Then we start talking and my head goes to shit.
Today I asked him about the "memory box" I gave him for his birthday last year that had pictures, cards, a shell, our Pat Green ticket stubs from our first Valentine's Day (which was also out first night "together". Yes, we waited a while.), and a few other mementos. Apparently he threw it out. I don't know that he threw away everything that was in it, but does it really matter? He threw the box out, and probably most of what was in it. That speaks volumes. Just a couple of months ago we were talking about whether or not we would ever get back together and he told me, "Nicole, you are the perfect woman for me. If I were in a different place I would ask you to marry me and we would live happy ever after." But now he's gone and thrown out the memories we made? Yes, I know it was just stuff, but that stuff was representative of the year we were together.
I could scream. I could cry. I could throw up.
But I have too much damn work to do. So I can't.


Heather said...

Boys are stupid... throw rocks at them! I'm sorry he did that with all the stuff you gave him. That royally sucks.

NicoleC said...

You are so cute Heather. I'll have to post the update to that entry...Oh, and thanks for always beeing so nice. People tend to be reserved around the "newbies" but you've always been really friendly. So, thank you!