Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Talk about a fantastic weekend.

I spent a good part of Saturday with one of my most favorite couples:
I spent Sunday with this cool-as-hell chick:

Who looks like this now:
Can you even believe how beautiful she is? I found myself watching her Sunday and not feeling sorry for her, rather wondering how she can possibly be even MORE beautiful without hair than I ever could have imagined. And she is beautiful, isn't she?

My next post: Nicole vs. the 6,928 piece entertainment center.


Cerulean Blue said...

As much as I love that chick, with or with out her hair, I love you, too!!!

Aren't we lucky to have the chance to love each other...

without question...

just with life...


(and lucky for me, my entertainment center is being delivered all put together next month... *whew*)

Tiny Frog said...

you're pretty terrific yourself.

and beyond beautiful. i dont know what I'd do without you.

Steph said...

I had another fanastic day thanks to you!

I am so stealing that picture of us. Why have I never seen it? Is that the canned-beer-in-the-firehouse night? LOL

Love you beautiful!

NicoleC said...

Steph-that's from the Stoney show in Huntsville we all went to last year (I stole it from Heather's Kodak Gallery). Good times!