Tuesday, January 03, 2006

My weekend...

in pictures.
Friday we started early at Pappadeaux's for bar appetizers and beer. No pics though. Then, when Jamie got to town we went to "Barefoot Tina's". What an adventure. I am pretty sure the people in that place had never encountered someone with all of their teeth, much less 6 people with great smiles!
So, Renee's floozie coozie was a HUGE hit, by the women AND the men!

Next it was on to Texas Saloon to watch my friend Gary play. One word about this place-WOW.

Oh, and the DJ is a TOTAL DICK.

Here's my friend Gary...

And here is Country Disco Dancing Barby (yes, I know it's Barbie, but NOT at Texas Saloon)

Jamie decides she has to dance with Billy Joe Shaver...

So Saturday was NYE and we decided to attend the Bay House (my landlord's) party and watch the old folks get drunk. (that's mi madre in the middle)

We went sailing on Sunday. It was a perfect day!

These birds just happened to be lined up on those pilings! I love this picture.

This is my mom and her boyfriend (the owner of the boat).

This is called "Wing on Wing".

All the boats heading in after a great day on Galveston bay!

Pretty much a GREAT weekend!

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TXSongBird said...

Awww YAY I cant wait to see the rest of the pics. HAHAHA you've started the "my weekend in pictures" now too. Its so much easier than actually typing it isnt it?